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Written: © Maxima Bathing in the ocean blue Spreading over a sleepy day Embedded in the sea scent Stretching out on dreamy beaches It shouts to a sea gull It shouts to an old fisherman… Then it plays with your lovely hair Dancing with its golden rays Defying me and the wind. The wind watches […]

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50 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know




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In the world of beauty, there are endless beauty tips and rules to keep you looking fabulous. The more beauty tips you know, the better you’ll be prepared to handle every situation. In the list of beauty advice below Beauty High breaks down all those tricks to make the industry less scary for women from makeup artists, hairstylists, etc…..

beauty should always be fun!

1. Use a cream or milk cleanser to wash your face. Creams are less drying than gels.

2. To keep hair color vibrant longer, use shampoos and conditioners formulated for colored hair.

3. Carrots are good for the hair. A healthy diet leads to a beautiful you.

4. The best time to apply creams is after the shower, as the skin has been de-oiled.

5. Replace mascara and liquid eyeliner after 3-4months.

6. Hydrate your under-eye area with an eye cream to prevent…

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Muddiest : Rotorua – New Zealand

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The Adventure Born

“Alright, who farted?!”

Chelsey uttered suddenly as she covered her nose with the top of her sweater.

To be fair, it could have been any of us guys. We’ve been torturing her during our whole drive in New Zealand so far, but none of us made claim to this particular accusation. If any of us farted, we’d definitely admit it. However minutes later as we drove on, the smell still lingered and soon realized that none of us were the culprit. It was Rotorua in all her sulfuric glory.

Rotorua smells like freakin’ rotten eggs!

Seriously it reeks!

“How come no one warned us about this?” I gagged, mistakenly inhaling a big gulp of air in my mouth.

Even Chelsey, the group appointed New Zealand expert (she’s been happily reading her New Zealand Lonely Planet Guidebook for months), wasn’t aware. Ryan said that this was the worst smell he’s ever…

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